If You’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident, Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer is Crucial


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Toronto personal injury lawyers are your best resource if you have been in a motor vehicle accident, or MVA. Motor vehicle accident lawyers are, of course, equipped to deal with cases where your injuries have been caused by the collision of two vehicles, but they can also help if you have been injured by a vehicle while bicycling or walking. Car accident lawyers in Toronto, Scarborough, and other GTA locations will help you to ascertain the value of your claim, and will guide you through the process of filing. Because insurance claims require a lot of exacting paperwork, it’s very difficult to file one on your own. A good law firm will provide that service while you recover, and knowing that you have an experienced lawyer working on your behalf will give you and your family the peace of mind you need during a difficult time.



The Value of Your Claim


In many cases, you and your personal injury lawyer may be able to sue for more than basic insurance coverage. Here are some of the circumstances that may warrant higher damages:


·       Pain and suffering. Permanent and serious injuries enable you to sue on the grounds of pain and suffering. A judge will decide whether your injuries qualify, based on the medical evidence. (Mental pain may also qualify.)

·       Loss of income. If your inability to work was caused by the injuries sustained in the accident, you may be able to sue for loss of income, both past and future.

·       Health costs.Injuries considered to be "catastrophic” enable you to sue so you can be reimbursed for health costs. Catastrophic injuries are defined as those injuries that have a significant impact on daily life, such as loss of vision, or quadriplegia.

·      Claims of family. If you are a family member of an accident victim, you may be able to sue if the victim died, or if his/her injury has had a significant impact on your family life.

·      Housekeeping and home repair expenses. If you have expenses in these categories that are higher than what the insurance company is willing to pay, you can sue for the difference.


Working on a Contingency Basis


Sometimes people hesitate to contact a lawyer after suffering an injury, believing that legal services will be too expensive. However, accident benefit lawyers in Toronto work on a contingency basis. This means that during a free initial consultation, a lawyer will assess your case and decide whether or not to take it. If the lawyer takes your case, he/she will not require any money up-front, but rather will receive a percentage of the insurance settlement as their payment. Personal injury law, in short, is staffed with "no up-front fees” lawyers, ensuring that you will not need to drain your family’s bank account during a period when you may not be able to earn income. And the sooner you contact a law firm, the better, since there are certain deadlines that must be met when filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit.


If you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, call a Toronto personal injury lawyer today. With a lawyer on your side who requires no upfront fees, you can gain peace of mind that your case will be looked after by an experienced personal injury lawyer.